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Sump Pump Vacuum Meets Metalworking Needs.
Within minutes, VHO200 can collect and separate 75 L of mixed liquids and solids. Diverting valve reverses flow of air to accelerate and facilitate pumping out tank, while stainless steel chip basket is perforated with 3 mm holes to allow accelerated fluid separation from chips and shavings. Other features include tilting motor head, removable collection bin, internal oil mist filter … Read News

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Mayor: Lake Henry Not To Blame For Flooded Basements
MICHIGAN CITY — Following an assessment by John Doyle and Associates, Mayor Ron Meer said he believes Lake Henry is not to blame for wet basements in the Southgate neighborhood. … Read News

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Fort Monroe Brick And Mortar Repairs Begin
HAMPTON — In the bowels of Building 83, a group of men crouch on a basement floor, working their tools into mortar that is nearly a century old. For the first time since taking ownership of a significant portion of the property, the Fort Monroe Authority is using its state-earmarked dollars for brick and mortar repairs to historic buildings. … Read News